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American Medical Association -  The American Medical Association helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians
nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues.

Association of American Medical Colleges - The AAMC strengthens the world's most advanced medical care by
supporting the entire spectrum of education, research, and patient care activities conducted by our member institutions.

1986 to improve portability and continuity of health insurance coverage in the group and individual markets, to combat
waste, fraud, and abuse in health insurance and health care delivery, to promote the use of medical savings accounts,
to improve access to long-term care services and coverage, to simplify the administration of health insurance, and for
other purposes.

Health and Human Services - The United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all
Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.

American Heart Association - The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency

New England Journal of Medicine - The New England Journal of Medicine is a weekly general medical journal that
publishes new medical research findings, review articles, and editorial opinion on a wide variety of topics of
importance to biomedical science and clinical practice.

Visiting Nurses Association of America - The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is the official national
association for nonprofit, community based home health organizations known as Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs),
non proft visiting nurses, home healthcare, hospice providers, home healthcare providers, home healthcare agencies
and more.

American Cancer Society - The American Cancer Society is dedicated to  eliminating cancer as a major health problem
by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing  suffering through research, education, advocacy, and service.
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