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business for a profit-seeking opportunity.

R&D has come up with a profitable product and had released it to Stan’s for
Marketing and Sales.

The products they manufactures are called D@rds. These D@rds are made up of
components called Procs , Funcs and Polocies.

Product Management needs to add these products and components to the system
I.T. had created.

Purchasing needs to buy the components Procs,  Funcs and Polocies

Receiving will receive our components

Distribution will transfer our Components to Inventory or Inspection if need be

Inspection will QA the components and have them distributed to Inventory

Accounts Payables needs to pay the bills for these components

Planning will release a work order to build sub assemblies for the D@rds

Planning will release a work order to create D@rds to be produced

Fabrication will build sub assemblies using Procs and create Procedures
Also using
Funcs and create Functions
Finally take the Polocies separate them, clean them  and create multiple Policies

Maintenance will then have to clean up all the D@rd chars. Thank you Jerry

Distribution will bring sub-assemblies to Production

Production will create the finished products.  Stan’s D@rd

These new built products are
distributed to our Inspection and QA department

Marketing will advertise these products

Sales will sell our products

Customer Service will enter the order

Now our customer needed to have a Credit Check by our
Credit Department

Logistics will pack the order from one of our distribution centers and bring it to
Shipping to send it to our customer,

After the customer receives our product they will send a payment to
Receivable who will credit the account.

If a payment has not been received our
Credit Department will contact our customer
and possibly change the credit status of our customer.

Treasury a part of Finance will take our profits and make sound investments

If someone in our company has a problem with this process and causes trouble
Security will be called and H/R will intervene
A D@rd
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