Supporting Multiple department and Communicate need to others
Virtual Business Analyst


Supporting Multiple department and Communicate need to others
Supporting Multiple department and Communicate need to others
  • Maintain Customer Data
  • Evaluate Customer Credit
  • Release Orders
  • Collections
  • Financial transactions
  • Shipment Inquiry
  • Billing
  • New Accounts
  • Credit Terms
  • Credit Limit
  • Credit Risk
  • Account maint
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Credits
  • Customer
Customer Service
  • Order Maint
  • Release Orders
  • Ledger Updates
  • Adjustments
Performing tasks
Customer Name File, Name Notes, Customer Address, Terms,  EDI Master, Phone/Fax Number, Trading Partner, CRM Master
Credit Support
  • Application
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A Business Analyst supporting the Credit department needs to know how Credit will support Accounts Receivables for all the
invoice inquiries, payments made by the customer and credit on the accounts. Credit and A/R have a close communication.  
Credit will determine the customers risk based on payments or lack of payments and A/R has the receivable transaction to back
up the findings.

When Credit does communicate with the customer there are other tools a Credit Analyst needs.   Companies like Standard &
Poor's, Dun and Bradstreet and a few others provide such information for a fee.  

Some customers may be on a Proforma Based terms where a payment is expected before a shipment of a product is made.  
Customers with good credit could have a 30 day terms where payment is only due 30 days after shipment.  In some instances
down payments of a certain percent could be required to start the production of a product and a balance due before the
shipment.  Each customer base on their credit rating will have there terms determined.

Customer Service is also in communication with Credit.  There may be times where payments are made but the customers credit
may not be up to date.  
Customer Service may request a credit release on an order.

Sales in some instance will work with Credit. They may follow up in some instances insuring their customer is still in good
standings and ensure a good relationship between the company and the customer,

All these departments are related to each other and it is up to the Business Analyst to make sure all interactions are thought
about when making any change in any of these departments. Making sure a successful gap analysis is done will ensure nothing
has been overlooked.
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